Cenia – the fully automated solution for modernizing Natural/Adabas applications

Permits the compilation and/or automatic conversion of application source code written in Natural/Adabas to Java/RDBMS. Includes support for Predict Case and both structured and report mode Natural.

Target RDBMS supported: DB2, MS-SQL, Oracle and Mysql.

Convert core legacy applications to versatile web based technologies

Cenia Benefits


Facilitates the migration of applications to a more cost effective operational environment (reduced CAPEX and OPEX)


Enables continued development using modern and open standards and architectures                                                                  


Boosts productivity and the ability to meet business demands                                                                          


Minimizes migration risks, data loss and production disruption                                                                      


Removes dependency on manufacturers with proprietary environments



Organizations can continue working on Predict Case and Natural using a modern IDE environment (based on Eclipse), as well as compiling and deploying in their current system with the Cenia tool in parallel to a new J2EE environment                                                                                              

Migrate applications in a safe and controlled environment critical to all of our clients. No need for a big bang approach applications can be migrated gradually on an as needed by the business basis.

Screen 1

Reinvents your application.
Consolidates the logic of business application code with limited evolution, turning them into stable architectures which are state-of-the-art, open and standard.

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Cenia. Reinvents your application.

Modernize your application updating the code to new technologies with a 100% automatic process.

CENIA augments continued/continuing NATURAL/ADABAS

With Cenia you will get a modern development environment, based on Eclipse platform

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Cenia has an established workflow to perform the conversion process.